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Juliane Mazzarella, ASID


Juliane, driven by a passion for connecting people through personalized spaces, leverages over two decades of versatile design experience. Shaped by a history of frequent moves, she understands that ‘home’ can take various forms.

While naturally outgoing, Juliane also possesses a keen intuition for understanding clients’ needs. Her mission is to demystify the design process and empower clients through a clearly defined process and clear communication.

She firmly believes that exceptional design has the power to enrich our daily lives and serve as the canvas for our most cherished memories. Having personally experienced the journey to finding a true sense of home, she is dedicated to instilling that same sense of warmth and belonging in every project she undertakes.

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The Dream Team

Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton


Jamie joined the Zuhause Interiors team in September of 2023, bringing her wealth of experience as a former educator. Embracing the role of project manager, she now orchestrates seamless collaborations between clients and tradespeople, guiding projects from conception to completion. Jamie’s keen communication ensures clients are engaged throughout the design experience, a process she finds incredibly rewarding as each vision transforms into reality. 

Jessa Angela Buena Agua

Jessa Angela Buena-Agua


Jessa, a business management graduate, has always been a people person. However, her heart has always been in writing. Since her early days, words have fascinated her, and she’s found happiness in reading and summarizing books.

As the social media manager for Zuhause, she blends her love for words with her talent for connecting with others. Jessa thrives in the realm of content creation and social media, where she sees the power to transform and elevate the Zuhause experience.


Is this you?


Does your name start with a ‘J’ too? We’re on the lookout for an additional team member. If you think you fit the bill, please email Juliane at juliane@zuhauseinteriors.com with your current resume and cover letter.

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Our Design Mission

Creating homes that embrace warmth, comfort, and familiarity by authentically weaving together personal artifacts and functional design elements. 


How We Make it Happen

Our approach is crafted to ensure a seamless journey through the intricacies of the design process. With meticulous attention to detail, we accompany our clients every step of the way, delving deep into the nuances of their project to grasp its full scope and essence. From conceptualization to final execution, we take the helm, managing every facet of the endeavor with precision and care. 


Why We Love What We Do

Juliane loves going from an idea in someone’s head to problem-solving a visually appealing space and doing it well. The beautiful part is when she brings to life all the tiny details and sees her client’s vision come to life. Receiving feedback that exceeds expectations or hearing that clients are delighted they trusted her to stretch their comfort zone is incredibly rewarding. Instead of feeling like a designed space, it feels like home.

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