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Every year, PPG, one of the top color forecasters, reveals their highly-anticipated Color of the Year, setting the stage for design trends and creative inspiration. For 2024, PPG is introducing the captivating “Limitless”(PPG1091-3) as the Color of the Year. A fresh and warm hue that straddles the line between primary and neutral colors. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the possibilities  of “Limitless,” as chosen by PPG, exploring its unique characteristics and how it can transform your living spaces.

The Essence of Limitless

Limitless is more than just a color; it embodies a limitless mindset. This versatile shade allows you to have it all—boldness and subtlety, making it perfect as a primary color or a supporting tone in your design.

Limitless in Design

When a new color is introduced into the Interior Design world it can be challenging to find ways to bring it into your own home. Below are some ideas for ways to make a dramatic change to your space and some lower commitment introductions that add an updated touch.

Wall Paint: Painting a room is an inexpensive and low commitment way to completely change the look and feel of a room. Because Limitless is almost a neutral, painting the whole room can work with many of your existing furnishings. If you’re looking for a lower risk update, try using it as an accent wall color.

Furniture: If you’re feeling more drawn to Limitless and its ‘limitless’ possibilities 🙂  you can make a larger investment into furniture and upholstery in this new upbeat color! Many manufacturers have custom programs where you can choose a paint color for your furniture or select from 1000’s of fabrics within their collection! A Limitless-colored sofa, an adventurous armchair, or a lively dining table can set the tone. Pair it with neutral or earthy tones for a harmonious blend.

Art and Accessories: For those who just want to try it out on a smaller scale, sprinkle Limitless in with some new accessories. Consider updating your throw pillows, drapes, area rugs, and decor pieces. New artwork that features the color will anchor any other updates in the room. Limitless can inject new energy and charm into your home, akin to an espresso shot for your decor, especially when paired with natural materials like wood and stone.

Kitchen and Bathrooms: Even your kitchen and bathrooms deserve a dose of Limitless. Warmer kitchen cabinet colors have started showing up in many styles. If you aren’t in a position to update your entire kitchen, a Limitless colored backsplash would look great with white cabinets. A cheeky accent wall in your bathroom would be the bright wake-up call you need every morning to get going. Limitless looks especially great when paired with light-colored tiles.

Ceilings and Trim: Think beyond walls and consider Limitless for your ceilings or trim. It’s nice hosting a surprise party overhead, particularly in rooms with high ceilings.Try this technique in a space you want to highlight or bring attention to in your home, like a dining room, powder room or entry.

Remember, the key to successful design with Limitless is mixing and matching. This color is your versatile partner, ready to harmonize with soft neutrals or make a bold statement alongside vibrant hues. Embrace Limitless and embark on a design adventure as boundless as your imagination.

Explore the limitless possibilities of Limitless in your home today!

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