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The Full Design Experience goes beyond just the design phase, encompassing end-to-end services such as project management, delivery, installation, renovation oversight, and more, ensuring a fully integrated and hassle-free experience.

Crafted through years of experience, our process guides our clients through each phase of design.


Discovery Call & Consultation

Every project starts with a 20 minute complimentary discovery call which leads to our in person consultation. During our initial meeting the goal is to gain a deep understanding of the unique requirements of your project and design goals. The consultation will last approximately 1 ½ hours. You’ll receive a comprehensive flat fee proposal for the design work, providing a clear outline of the investment required for the project. Additionally, we provided a design questionnaire for you to keep which will serve as a valuable tool to capture your preferences and vision. 


Project Scope & Conceptual Design

Ignite the creative process by gathering your inspiration images and completing my signature design questionnaire. Using this information we will delineate the parameters and objectives of the project. From there, I’ll craft a tailored floor plan, mood board, and detailed breakdown based on my analysis. We’ll also collaborate with trades to discuss feasibility, ensuring transparency and avoiding any unexpected surprises along the way. 


Detailed Design & Procurement

We compile all elements of the final design, including floor plans, elevations, and material samples. Purchasing is simplified with a total procurement price for everything included in the design. Additionally, a work schedule is established to coordinate construction, installation, and product deliveries. Throughout this phase, regular communication with our clients is maintained to address any concerns and obtain approvals, ensuring a smooth execution of the project. 


Delivery, Installation, & Styling

On delivery day, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with thorough pre-planning. We oversee and inspect everything and manage the installation of all window treatments and artwork. Our ultimate aim is for your design to come to life with warmth, comfort, and familiarity. We provide fabric treatment and a care & maintenance guide to help you keep your design looking new for years to come.

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