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Themed basement transformation with multi-purpose

CLIENT:Andrea & Chris

A compact basement goes from dark and damp to bright and playful! We transformed an open unused space into a dedicated mudroom, full bathroom, family room, workout room, and a creative lab for designing and storing amazing cosplay creations. Bold colors, lots of lighting, and expert space planning gave this basement a whole new feel. The full bath is done in a classic black and white theme with some luxurious upgrades like a bidet style toilet and heated towel rack. The floor to ceiling wall mirrors keep your workout in top form and add visual space to the room. A sleeper sofa does double duty for watching movies and a place for overnight guests. The mudroom is directly off the garage entry and keeps a busy family organized.


Our clients had very big dreams for this small basement. Their wishlist included: a proper mudroom off the garage entrance, a full bathroom to use after workouts in their home gym, a family room to watch movies in that also doubles as a guest bedroom, storage for their cosplay costumes and a workshop to make their amazing creations. Visually they wanted a space that could stand on its own and be a little different than the main floor of the house. Although they plan on staying their home for years, another goal was to keep the personalization to the items that could be easily changed should they ever need to sell.


The biggest challenge for this space was to fit everything on the homeowner’s wishlist into the limited space. It was hard for the homeowner to visualize a way to get everything they wanted into only 560 sq ft. The space planning was further complicated by the post locations and varying ceiling heights due to ductwork. Then, at the beginning of construction, it was discovered that the front wall of the basement needed to be reinforced because it was bowing into the house. To keep the moisture down, a whole house dehumidifier was installed in the space.


Space planning was key to fit everything into this space. By creating seperate spaces and hiding the basement posts into the walls there were no awkward areas. Every square foot serves its purpose. The full bathroom is done in a classic black, white, and chrome design. The wallpaper accent and red paint at the dry bar can be easily changed if needed, but for now they set the tone and keep the otherwise neutral space lively. Durable LVT flooring, performance fabrics, and a crisp white cubby unit keep things organized and looking great.

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