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Total Kitchen and Bath renovations for 6 bedroom log cabin rental

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CLIENT:Winkler Wald
LOCATION: Alliance, OH

This large log home on over 8 acres of wooded property was the ideal location for a large extended family to use as a retreat and gathering space. The kitchen space is excellent for cooking and entertaining with large amounts of people. The additional wall of cabinets on the far side provides the perfect home for pantry items, beverages, and the microwave. A large table that seats 12 works perfectly for dining and games. With a sophisticated walk-in shower in one bathroom and a deep soaking tub in the other, the design strikes a perfect balance for older guests wanting a little luxury and younger guests needed a bath after roaming the woods 🙂 This home now functions as a family gathering space and a vacation rental that can sleep 16 and has even hosted a wedding!


The goals for this vacation rental and family property centered around creating a spacious, open floor plan while also expanding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed to accommodate family gatherings and events. Being a rental property, the priority was to make sure the finishes were easy to maintain and clean between rentals. Being an investment property there was a close eye on the budget as well.


Log home construction poses a lot of challenges. With several walls being solid timber you have to consider where any plumbing and electrical can be placed. Being an investment property, careful consideration of every dollar spent was key. Lower ceilings, awkward spaces, and a skylight were additional construction challenges that needed to be overcome.


The first solution involved relocating a doorway from the mudroom to the kitchen, allowing for extra cabinets along the wall. Next, we swapped a door for a window to place the sink along the back of the kitchen overlooking the yard. We then removed the wall separating the kitchen and dining area to foster an open layout, resulting in the creation of an island, a classic L-shaped layout, and an additional wall for storage. To brighten the spaces, we removed a dark laminate floor and replaced it with an off-white tile-look LVT. Upstairs, two bathrooms were created by cleverly splitting a large single bathroom. We designed one bathroom to have a ceiling, and the other bathroom is open to the skylight, so no roofing needed to be modified which saved tremendously on construction costs. This project also included the addition of fire rated skylights to create two additional bedrooms.

Zuhause bathroom renovation
Zuhause kitchen renovation 5 zone layout
Zuhause kitchen renovation layout
Zuhause kitchen renovation storage

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