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Beautiful Kitchen remodel in a 180 year old home with seating for 10

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CLIENT:Jeanna & Jarod
LOCATION: Sewickley, PA

A captive, awkward kitchen and mudroom becomes the perfect gathering space for a large family that loves to bake. The island connects to a full length banquette seat with a large custom table that can seat 10. A dedicated beverage center with fridge and bar sink is perfect for busy mornings. The bench seat is a great spot to watch the kids in the yard or take a break for cookie baking. A new fireplace insert and stone veneer compliment the age of the main house and provide modern convenience. Cherry cabinets pop against a neutral wall and backsplash with great texture. The granite countertops add a timeless touch and interest to the overall composition beautifully.


With a family of nine, the goal is always being able to accommodate everyone at the table! Upon consultation for this project, an initial kitchen layout was already in the works, but it only had seating for 6. This was not going to cut it in a space that measures almost 20×20′. The homeowners sought an improved overall layout, including a new fireplace, a dedicated beverage area, professional level appliances, and enhanced task lighting. Cherry cabinets were a must have too, and the space needed to blend with the rest of the 180+ year home.


In most spaces, abundant windows are a welcome feature, but in this kitchen they posed a challenge by limiting available wall space essential for cabinetry and storage. Additionally, we needed to accommodate a side entrance and ensure sufficient seating for up to ten people. There was also a timeline goal of being ready for the holidays.


With an emphasis on space planning, we connected the banquette to the island resulting in expanded counter space and room for a large table. Introducing a bench seat between the windows created visual symmetry, anchoring the tall pantry and utility cabinets. The beverage area was tucked perfectly alongside the fireplace where there was no window. The decision to slightly overlap the smallest window in the room by the wall ovens was a small compromise that made all the difference. Cherry cabinets and warm neutrals play well with the rest of the house and honor the traditional details of the rest of the home.

Zuhause kitchen renovation
Zuhause kitchen renovation
Zuhause kitchen renovation
Zuhause kitchen window seat

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